MMF Hero Teams 2012

Thank you so much for your tax deductible donation!!! 100% of the money that you donate goes directly to support research being done to find a cure for Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM).
JDM only affects 3.1 children out of 1 million and can have devastating effects on the children afflicted with it. We are forever grateful for your support of Macy’s Miracle Foundation and our fight against JDM. “There is no task ahead of us greater than the power behind us!”
Click on the team name below to donate to your team, or click here to make a general donation to Macy’s Miracle Foundation.

Team # Team Name Team Leaders Amount Raised
01 Team Mom & Dad Rachel & John Kendzior TBD
02 Team Enterprise Rental Melissa Miner TBD
03 Team Atlanta Jackie Breiter TBD
04 Team P 4:13 Johnnie Earl TBD
05 Team Glory Days Jerry McCart TBD
06 Team Jupiter Carisa & Todd Albrecht TBD
07 Team MOSS (Moms of Saint Stephen’s) Danielle DeStefano TBD
08 Team Sullivan Greg & Donna Sullivan TBD
09 Team ADPi Chris Wandembergh TBD
10 Team Lost Kangaroo - TBD
11 Team Woody’s River Roo - TBD
12 Team Meenamaw - TBD
13 Team SOTC (Sisters of the Crown) Stacie Velliquette TBD
14 Team Zirkelcircle Alan & Carmen Zirkelbach TBD
15 Team LEO (Law Enforcement Officers) Kim Zink TBD
16 Team Ocala Kevin & Laura Hawkins TBD
17 Team Oak Creek Diana & Tony Hong TBD
18 Team Christ Church Bob Clay TBD
19 Team May 19th Macy’s Miracle Kick Off TBD
20 Team PBOCC (Praise Band of Christ Church) Sarah Stephenson TBD
21 Team Ollie Julio Cruz & Angela Dunton TBD
22 Team Golden Greg & Amie Golden TBD
23 Team Palmetto Charter Brigit Christensen & Jelane Broxson TBD
24 Team First Friends Susan Miller Kelly TBD
25 Team TBD - TBD