We ACHIEVED our 2012 Goal

You Raised $25,000.00!


Thanks to every single one of you and every donation that was gained by you…we achieved the goal!


The words “Thank You” simply can not express the SINCERE APPRECIATION we have for each one of you to join our fight to cure Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM)!!!

You…and the hard work you have done…ARE APPRECIATED more than you’ll ever know…not only by us…but by all the children and families impacted by JDM. We are blessed to have such incredible family and friends to join us on our journey.

As I stated in a previous email….. JDM has clearly impacted Macy and our family, but now you have impacted JDM! With your dedication and hard work we are on step closer to finding a cure for Juvenile Dermatomyositis!

Once again…TOGETHER…we have achieved our 2012
Macy’s Miracle Foundation fund-raising GOAL of $25,000

We are Forever Grateful to you,

God Bless,
John and Rachel Kendzior & all volunteers of the Macy’s Miracle Foundation